March 22, 2012

Light pushes down and out through the clouds
signaling the longer days ahead
and reminding me of time spent in the sun.

The gentle rush of a breeze that signals spring
and whispers of summer nights in years past
that never seemed to end.

Bittersweet memories
that call me now in
quiet moments alone.

Rhonda Flanagan :: brushes and textures courtesy of French Kiss Textures

I have been absent here...consumed with a new move and many changes to my studio. My painting has fallen by the wayside. I miss it a lot and hope now that things are a little bit organized I can get back to a more regular schedule.

My new studio is beautiful...sunny, light and a dream come true. I can make a mess and don't have to worry so much about cleaning it up right away...a small bathroom helps with the clean-up...yay!!

In the meantime I have been busy with my iphone and participated in an online workshop with CreativeLive titled "iPhoneography workshop with Jack Hollingsworth". I learned so much in such a short time. I can't recommend them enough. There was an online chat that was lively and spirited and the instruction was topnotch. CreativeLive also offers other online courses...if you get a chance check them out.

I also won a prize...WOW!!! I was thrilled. I have never won anything before. I mean maybe way back in grade school or something. How fun—just to win, but then to receive some very cool things!

A book I would highly recommend if you want to dive right with some great apps for your iphone. I found the book to be great in terms of learning the apps and following along with Dan. I especially like the video tutorials you can use with the free app tag. It is like getting a whole other type of informative learning. If your like me and need to see an example of what a new feature is before you learn it then this is a great way to learn.

I have always found tech books very dry and hard to follow...too wordy and not geared for visual people. If visuals are included they are usually dry and not very helpful. I loved learning these apps with the follow along demos. I could actually have the book in place and have my iphone right there to see the app and what Dan did. I could then go right into the app and use the features. This was an awesome feature. The book was also visually very cool and easy to follow.

Also included in my prize was a tripod for my iphone and one for a digital camera. I am still working through the book and learning some new apps so I'll keep you posted. It was a great experience and now I am also iphone obsessed...Dan even personally autographed my book...:)

Hope your where you can enjoy this sunny weather and the first lovely days of well.

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