September 20, 2015

Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Leaving the psych ward broken and bruised. I didn't know that a group of people could wish you ill and scheme to have you locked away. A fitting theme for Halloween I guess.

A beautiful Fall day and I had already missed so much. I thought of The Adirondacks and how lovely it would be now. I had missed the whole summer. I was so down and sad, but knew there had to be some acceptance and forgiveness if I was to get through this dark phase of my life.

I was hopeful because I was use to making something out of nothing. The leaves turning reminded me that as things die they are also renewed. It was time to take stock; clean, sort and revisit. Sorting through the last twenty-five years would not be easy, but I knew it was time.

Writing was always a way for me to organize my thoughts. I longed to be home with a cup of tea, a spiral notebook and my favorite pens. It would be okay once I was able to write it all down. Only now I thought it was time for a change. I would update my blog and try to change my format and work on sorting through my life.

I hadn't been to Group Therapy in years, but this became the highlight of my stay. I met some really interesting people and I knew it was time to meet people again. The friends I had acquired through marriage were not really going to sustain me now. I was ready to move on and make friends of my own again.

So many much to many things left unsaid...writing it down...

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